Mermaid on land

Natalia Wilk – dancer and researcher, WATSU provider, freediving instructor.

Joscha Krutzi – Python developer & art historian, consultant and partner, video maker, photographer, liquid soul and flowing stream of happiness and patience. Someone without whom this project would never happen.

from the waters perspective…

telling the story and temporality of the city thought it’s waters, seeing the place through different – blue -perspective, creating an urban culture narration, by listening to flowing landscapes, liquid territory.

Berlin was build round the river, became one of the most important trading cities thanks to it’s water ways. Today cities canals and lakes are as important part of the Berlin’s geographical and cultural landscape as techno clubs or Kreuzbergs cafes.

What is the connection we have to water ? Do we relate, know Berlin’s rivers, canals? Do we question how the water get’s to our taps? How often we realise that presence of water influences our daily life?

In the times of drought, privatisation of water I find it necessary to remind that access to water is a human right. Yet – taking it for granted and poor awareness bout waters strengthens the consumeristic and capitalistic notion of humans hierarchically positioning themselves above other living beings on Planet Earth. The results can be catastrophic.

In water cities // Berlin I am studying the landscape and life of the city through the focus on it’s waters bodies. Trying not only to bring knowledge about the waters of Berlin to it’s english speaking citizens , but also promoting the awareness about the physical and mental bound, co-dependency between human and global water system.

website credits

startpage image: “Karte der Berliner Wasserstraßen” by Maximilian Dörrbecker under CC BY-SA 2.5

Feature image “BVG takes you on a boat with Paule 3”: “Paule 3 with Natalia” by Joscha Krutzki